Administer and Third Selection
魔王候補 第三の選択 (Maō Kōho to Daisan no Sentaku)
Arata Sora Lilith Anime
Episode 1
Studio Seven Arcs Pictures Japan flag icon
Premiere October 7, 2014
Opening Theme Seven Doors



Prison Lock and Grimoire Security

Administer and Third Selection is the first episode of the Trinity Seven series, initially premiering on October 7, 2014 on TV Tokyo.

Synopsis Edit


Arata Kasuga, a high school student, is being targeted by a girl with humongous boobs. In exchange for his life, Lilith says that she can erase his memories, but he chooses the third option. As a result, he ends up at a magic school, but why is there a naked girl in the men's bath?

Summary Edit

Hijiri dream ep1 AN

A Mysterious Dream

Finding himself in a world of darkness, Arata Kasuga witnesses a girl running towards him trying to reach him. Likewise, he does the same but as he is about to touch her...

Arata awakens to discover himself groping his annoyed cousin, Hijiri. Although he nonchalantly tries to appease the situation, Hijiri still chooses to punish him.

During breakfast, Hijiri continues to remain vexed, although Arata is still confused by her behavior, even referring to a picture that she drew as a child, much to her embarrassment. 

Afterwards, the two commute together towards their school, although Arata suddenly notices the sun has turned black. While Hijiri continues to act normally, a confused Arata chooses to ignore the sight unknown girl in their school uniform passes them who demands that he awaken or she will eliminate him. Before he can respond, the girl had already disappeared.

In the middle of class, Arata ponders the mysterious girl's warning.

Sora Hijiri Arata wish ep1 AN

The World You Wished For

On the top of the school roof, Hijiri finds Arata who he questions her if the sun has always been black which she confirms. Hijiri continues to explain that this has always been the case since this world is the one he wished for. Furthermore, she offers to yield to his desires if he chooses to remain  with her. Suddenly, Arata recalls a memory of Hijiri disappearing and begging him to remember her. As a result, he begins to suspect that Hijiri is an imposter which she denies. Although she is able to answer his personal questions correctly, Arata unveils her deception when he reveals that in her childhood picture, she depicted the sun as yellow. As Hijiri becomes amused by the outcome, the mysterious girl in the morning fires a bullet towards her but she easily deflects the ambush with a barrier. Hijiri identifies the girl as a mage while Arata recognizes her due to her large bust which the girl embarrassingly introduces herself as Lilith Asami. Subsequently, Hijiri then reverts her spell, revealing the entire town in ruins. Lilith explains that three days ago, a disaster occurred that destroyed the entire town, causing Arata to remember the incident...
Arata Hijiri kiss ep1 AN

Please Don't Forget Me

As the town is demolished and people continue to disappear, Hijiri gives Arata a grimoire and requests that Arata's wish be granted in order to save him, much to his confusion. However, Hijiri simply gives him instructions before kissing until she disappears.

Arata next finds himself in an empty world alone, unwilling to accept the situation. He demands that the grimoire bring back the normal world which the grimoire begins to activate.

Arata Lilith choice ep1 AN


After Arata realizes that his wish to the grimoire was the cause, Lilith explains that she had been sent from her school to investigate the Breakdown Phenomenon only to discover the town unaffected. The grimoire reveals that recreating the world was simple feat for her, which Lilith states such magic is dangerous. As a result, she offers Arata two choices, to live peacefully by surrendering the grimoire and his memories, or be killed instead. However, Arata first questions if Hijiri is still alive, which the grimoire confirms since she can project her appearance. Upon learning this revelation Arata chooses to not surrender or die in favor of a third option.

Some time later, Arata arrives at the entrance of the Royal Biblia Academy where Lilith greets him, although she is astonished about the situation.

Arata reveals his decision become a mage to a surprised Lilith using the grimoire in his possession. While Lilith is unsure if he can become one, Arata declares that he will no matter the circumstances.

As the two commute to the classroom, Arata confirms that Lilith is a teacher despite being the same age. 

Selina news ep1 AN

Arrival of a Demon Lord Candidate

Afterwards, Lilith introduces Arata to the classroom as a transfer student before another student, Selina, begins asking him personal questions which he promptly answers. But, Selina then asks if he was able to perform World Reconstruction, magic that only a Demon Lord is capable of. When Arata inadvertently confirms, the class becomes excited by the appearance of candidate.

Later, Selina is spreading the news of Arata's Demon Lord magic throughout the Academy.

Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven

In the Headmaster's office, Master Biblia is amused by the situation despite Lilith's protest. Nevertheless, the Headmaster formerly welcomes Arata to the Academy, explaining that Biblia is a secret organization that teaches mages and assign missions. Arata inquiries if he will be able to rescue Hijiri if he becomes a Magus, although the Headmaster is not certain. Regardless, Arata next questions if there are any shortcuts which Lilith denies but Master Biblia suggests that he meet and dominate the Trinity Seven, seven expert female mages within the Academy. Additionally, Lilith is revealed to be one of them as well.

After the meeting, Lilith suggests to Arata that he not seriously consider the Headmaster's words. Subsequently, he suddenly notices a ninja hiding in the ceiling who introduces herself as Levi Kazama, a ninja despite being a mage as well. Lilith also mentions that Levi is also a member of Trinity Seven. Arata then inquiries about the remaining members when coincidentally two other members, Mira Yamana and Akio Fudo, happen to be heading towards a mission. Arata notes that most of the mages are female, which Levi explains that magic focuses mostly on emotions. As a result, girls typically are more suited towards magic, although Lilith insists that they must also restrain their desires as well. When Arata and Levi continue to pervertedly tease Lilith, the embarrassed teacher punishes Arata before leaving. Levi remarks that Lilith has become more expressive after encountering him, much to Arata's disbelief.

During the night, Arata rests alone in his room before wondering of the whereabouts of the grimoire who suddenly appears around his neck before recommending that he bath.

Complying with the grimoire's request, Arata arrives in the boy's bathhouse only to discover a nude girl resembling Hijiri who does not seem to mind his presence. Although trying to appear nonchalant, Arata eventually leaves before running into Lilith. Arata tries to explain to Lilith that he saw Hijiri in the bath which Lilith assumes is Arin Kannazuki, another member of the Trinity Seven. However, upon realizing the situation, Lilith chastises Arin while Arata discusses with the grimoire about Arin's similarity with Hijiri. Furthermore, he suspects that Arin and Trinity Seven will be important to him in the future before Lilith reminds him that he was not wearing pants.

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Adaptation Edit

This epsiode adapted events from the following chapters:


  • Arata actually kept Hijiri's childhood drawing in his possession instead of saving an image in his phone.
  • Arata's school life was expanded where Hijiri arrived at his classroom to eat with him, although his classmates teased her by calling her his bride. 
  • Arata and Hijiri encountered Lilith a second time while commuting to the school roof for lunch prior to the reveal of of the fate of the town.
  • Selina's scene of spreading the news about the transfer student occurred prior to his class introduction before running into Arata.

Trivia Edit

  • Nao Akinari Celebration Lieselotte AN


    On the same day of the broadcast, Nao Akinari released an illustration of Lieselotte on Twitter in celebration.

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