Vice commander of the Malebranche. She is also leader of the faction who wants to take over power of the True Demon King.

Like other Malebranche, she is a sorcerer who has thrown away humanity in search for magic. Albalisha gained eternal life through turning herself into memory and thought that can be inherited to another person who will become the next Abalisha.

Abilities Edit

Gehenna ScopeEdit


  • White Universe - A wave of magic similar to Mira's is directed in the direction Albalisha aims. The difference is that the one used by Albalisha is strong enough to defeat Ilia.
  • White Castling - In her battle against Lilith, she used this technique to seal Lilith's movements. However, she herself has to be in close range with her target in order to activate it.
  • Scarlet Gabriel


  • EX - One of Ilias' sisters.
  • Dettalus - One of Ilias' sisters.
  • Pente - One of Ilias' sisters.

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