Charme Kirigakure
霧隠 シャルム

Charme portrait NIN MA

Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 14
Status Alive
Race Human
Affiliation Levi Kazama
Occupation Student
Archive(s) Invidia
School Royal Biblia Academy
Manga Chapter 01

Charme Kirigakure is a student from the Royal Biblia Academy who joins Levi on her mission to retrieve the Mythical Weapon Murasume. However, the reason for her inclusion is the Mark of the Demon Lord on her chest that she has possessed since birth.


Charme is a cheerful and earnest young girl, although she can also be quite clumsy and nervous at times. An avid admirer of Levi, Charme is often awestruck by her upperclassman, although she was surprised upon learning of Levi's true nature. As such, she is rather sensible but can also become quite embarrassed in regards to perverted matters. 

However, despite her lighthearted behavior, Charme remains concerned and confused regarding the mark on her chest since birth, especially after learning the symbol is the Demon Lord Seal. During battles, Charme will become frightened and anxious due to her inexperience. 

Charme has also mentioned that she greatly enjoys hot springs.


Charme uniform ch1 NIN MA

School Uniform

Charme is a young teenage girl with a slender build but possesses a rather large bosom. Furthermore, she has long hair that passes her shoulders which are styled in a side pony tail held together by a hairband ornamented with two cherry figures. Notably, Charme possesses a barely visible mark of the Demon Lord Seal on her left breast, which transferred over to the back of Levi's right hand at the end of Chapter 04.

At the Royal Biblia Academy, Charme wears the traditional school uniform which consists of a white collared dress shirt worn under a dark blazer jacket, along with a plaid ribbon tie around her neck. The lower half consists of a plaid mini-skirt and dress shoes. Interestingly, Charme models her socks similar to Levi's style where she wears a thigh sock on her right leg and a calf sock on the left. Additionally, she also sports a simple black garter on her left thigh.

Her civilian outfit comprises of a white collared blouse witch a heart symbol stitched on the right chest and a dark ruffled mini-skirt with stockings. The garb also includes stockings and a pair of dark mid-heels with ankle straps.


Murasame MissionEdit

Levi Charme meeting ch1 NIN MA

First Encounter

On the roof of a church, Charme attempts to greet Levi after being called upon by the Headmaster. But her foot accidentally slips from a tile and she nearly falls off the roof until Levi rescues her, during which Charme admirably introduces herself. After Master Biblia explains that he wishes for Charme to support the ninja in her mission to retrieve Murasame, the two cordially agree to work together, especially Charme who promises to try her hardest.

Upon arriving in the city Murasame is rumored to be hidden within, Charme becomes dismayed by the lack of concrete information, but Levi nevertheless remains nonchalant, suggesting that the two enjoy themselves. The ninja assures an uneasy Charme that she is confident that they will locate the weapon eventually before continuing onward.

Some time later, the two check into their hotel, which Charme is especially impressed with the quality of the room. She becomes even more ecstatic after learning of the outdoor baths which she especially delights in. After settling down, Levi questions Charme of the reason the Headmaster assigned her to the mission, but Charme responds that she does not know. Subsequently, she notices Levi staring at her intensely which the ninja comments that her underclassman's breasts were quite large, much to Charme's embarrassment. When Levi proposes that they socialize in the nude, Charme abashedly declines before escaping to the baths alone.

Charme Levi breakdown phenomenon ch1 NIN MA

Invidia Breakdown Phenomenon

In the hot spring, Charme contemplates Levi's extraordinary reputation but is astonished by her lecherous behavior, embarrassedly recalling the ninja's proposal. Afterward, Charme notes that she did not reveal to Levi the real reason she was included in the mission was a birthmark on her chest. However, she is surprised to discover Levi secretly in the bath who overheard her words. The ninja next examines Charme's birthmark which she recognizes as a Demon Lord Seal. Upon learning the true nature of the mark, Charme is initially concerned that she may disappear, but Levi assures her that since she possessed the Seal since birth, the chances of her disappearing was slim. Although relieved, Charme is shocked when she unexpectedly sees an Invidia Breakdown Phenomenon which summons several demonic samurai. Unaccustomed to battle, Charme becomes paralyzed with fright, although Levi battles the creatures herself. In one moment of the skirmish, Charme attempts to warn the Trinity Seven of a surprise attack, but Levi easily avoids the ambush and defeats the opponents to Charme's admiration. In the aftermath, Charme questions if the situation has settled, but Levi reminds her that they must confront the originator of the Phenomenon.


Charme is a mage from the Invidia Archive and a practitioner of Shamanic Spell, however, her lack of combat experience causes her to be feeble during battle situations.

Notably, Charme possesses a Demon Lord Seal since birth, although she is most likely not at risk of losing control her magic and disappearing due to the long duration she has been marked. However, she is still susceptible to any danger from a Breakdown Phenomenon. 

Furthermore, in spite of her lack of abilities, Charme has been noted to have an unknown connection to the legendary weapon, Murasame.


Levi Kazama - Levi is Charme's upperclassmen who attends the same school, the Royal Biblia Academy, as well as the object of her admiration. The two would first encounter one another after the Headmaster assigned Charme to support Levi in her mission to retrieve Murasame. Despite their lack of initial contact, Levi immediately recognized Charme and the two would quickly get along with each other. As an admirer, Charme idolizes the ninja for her reputation and strength as a Trinity Seven. However, she was quite surprised to discover Levi's perverted and easygoing nature, often being serious of the two. Additionally, Levi often teases Charme for her large bosom and even suggested they deepen their relationship while nude, much to Charme's embarrassment. Nevertheless, in spite of the short time, they have spent together, the two Invidia mages care for one another.

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