Personal Info
Gender Unknown
Status Deceased
Affiliation Malebranche
Archive(s) Invidia
Thema(s) Fantasma (Illusion)
Manga Chapter 71

Falfarea was a member of Malebranche. He is also one of the members who were plotting to overthrow the True Demon King. He is also known as the "Laughing Demonic Clown". Mira notes that his power seemed on par with a Paladin.


Falfarea appears to be a Medival-looking gentleman, which hides his scheming personality. His face is completely white and devoid of features, other than his sharp eyes and a mouth that appears to be stitched into a constant smile.


Falfarea has a scheming personality. In his initial appearance, he acts polite and pretends to become Yui's friend in order to make her lower her guard in order to kill her and Mira. However, Yui -whose Thema is "Friendship", meaning it's something she doesn't have- sees through all of his attempts to use Illusion magic on them and responds by killing him.

As user of Illusion theme, Falfarea stay safe by using his own illusion in his place. So usually what his opponent think they've killed are only another of his illusion and he will keep coming back.

Levi, and Libik, called him as the most troublesome character among the generals.


  • Schalloch Oresteia - Falfarea causes an illusion to manifest. In the manga, it is shown that Mira's body is cut from multiple corners, Alikino bites Yui's right hand and Her chest is pierced by a conductor baton. Falfarea remarked that true illusion will swallow reality into it, probably meaning his illusion is so realistic it can't be differentiated from reality.
  • Physical combat - Because Falfarea's Thema is Illusion, he actually excelled in the opposite. His real body is trained in physical combat and combined with his magic, could even overwhelm Arin, Yui, and even Levy together in a one against three fight.
  • Magic Power of True Demon King - After half the Malebranche are successful in killing the True Demon King, Falfarea took the Magic Power, "the easiest part to control". He used this power to enhance his already strong physical combat ability and allowing him to become stronger and faster. He use this sparingly because it still strain his body. In the end, Farfalea is destroyed by something that sounds like True Demon King's consciousness inside the magic power he stole.

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