Trinity Seven: Levi Ninden
Trinity Seven Levi Ninden Levi vol1 MA
Alternative Name(s) Trinity Seven: Levi's Story
Author Kenji Saito
Artist Sutarō Hanao
Publisher(s) Kadokawa
Magazine Monthly Dragon Age
Volumes 3
Original Run November 9, 2015 - February 9, 2017

Trinity Seven: Levi Ninden is a spin-off series featuring Levi Kazama from the Trintiy Seven manga, written by the original author, Kenji Saito, illustrated by Sutarō Hanao with original character designs by Akinari Nao. The first chapter was released on November 9, 2015[1] and the first volume was released on May 9, 2016. In Monthly Dragon Age December 2016 issue, the final chapter was announced to be published in the January 2017 on December 9.[2]


The Biblia Academy's Headmaster has asked a Trinity Seven Kazama Levi, looking for the mythic weapon "Murasame", the legendary demonic sword. Along with Charme, a junior mage that admires Levi, she will infiltrate into a town where is said "Murasame" is sealed, however, a Breakdown Phenomenon occurs----- Aiming to that treasure Lugh appears, who is the same "Envy" mage, also going to war, the leader of the Ninja Army's Five Shadow Magic Elements, Kashin Ryuhime, the story of a ninja having a heroic battle.


Character(s) # Release Date ISBN
Levi Kazama 1 Japan US Japan US
Trinity Seven Levi Ninden Levi vol1 MA May 9, 2016 N\A 978-4040708829 N\A
Character(s) # Release Date ISBN
Lugh & Levi Kazama 2 Japan US Japan US
Lugh Levi cover vol2 Levi Ninden MA August 9, 2016 N\A 978-4040709949 N\A
  • 5. The Ninja Girl's Past (First Part)
  • 6. The Ninja Girl's Past (Last Part)
  • 7. The Perfect Girl's Magic Power
  • 8.
  • 9. Girls of Dragon Magic
Character(s) # Release Date ISBN
Charme Kirigakure & Levi Kazama 3 Japan US Japan US
Trinity Seven - Levi Ninden vol 3 February 9, 2017 N\A N\A N\A
  • 10. Sisters of Dragon Magic
  • 11. Young Mistress of Shadow
  • 12. Dragon God Sisters
  • 13.


  • The spin-off was formerly announced in the Kadokawa's Monthly Dragon Age November 2015 issue on October 9, 2015.


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